What our clients are saying

Corey R
"Wooooow! Sooo good. Their cupcakes are so decadent. Their ice cream is delicious and their milkshakes are everything! I love how they have logo'd packaging for everything. If you're in the market for cupcakes or a cake for any occasion... this is the place. We stopped by here mainly bc of the reviews and it did not disappoint. Worth the trip."
Rushell D
"That red velvet cupcake makes you lick your fingers and toes! I only visit area about once a month since my office is based there. I am more excited getting cupcakes than visiting my office… heheee"
Nes Robinson
"By far, Smallcakes is my favorite cupcake bakery in the whole DC, MD, VA area! I ordered a variety (pink chocolate, pink vanilla, red velvet, lemon, peppermint-winter special, peanut butter, salted caramel, pecan candies, and wedding cake- almond flour). All of them were delicious. I hoped my guests would take the other desserts, but alas they are smart too. I can't wait to return."
Narlie Bedney
"Smallcakes cupcakes are soooooooo delicious!!! I wanted to grab some better than store brand cupcakes for my husband's birthday and they did not disappoint. The cake is so moist and soft, the icing is wonderful and they are larger than a regular cupcake. We had the strawberry milkshake (i think that's the name), decadent chocolate, birthday cake, and wedding cake. It was perfect10, I will be going back."
Kee-ajfa P (KeeKee)
"Amazing cupcakes Amazing service. I love Small Cakes🎂 I was also told that the owner is Awesome as well and I can believe it!!!! Look at the service ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I will continue to support this bakery 🤩"